Barn Cats

Our surprise in the horse barn.

When we first saw the property, we were super excited about the horse facilities.

Since our horses were still in California, we had been leaving the doors open.

On May 19th, we discovered four kittens in one of our horse stalls. One of the kittens looked pretty ill.

We decided to leave some food for momma cat.

The next day we noticed the very skittish momma cat had eaten some of the food - great.

Not so great, she had relocated two of the kittens.

There were two kittens left.

We decided to hand raise the two kitties in our walk-in aviary and keep them as barn cats.

Formula time.

Within a few days Sheila had earned their trust.

Our future barn cats.

All was going well. Until...

A week later, we discovered kitty number three in our hay shed.

Number Three appears slightly less comfortable than her siblings.